Vitreous Exhibition 2018 ... FAQ

What is the Vitreous Exhibition? Vitreous: Ceramic & Glass is an initiative of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc. (CAS). This is the inaugural exhibition. It is an exhibition of Ceramic, Glass, Mosaic, and related media artworks, hence the title. This exhibition showcases artworks by both established and emerging artists and offers all participating artists the opportunity gain exposure for their art, during the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2018

Why is it free to enter? The CAS committee has decided to cover exhibition costs (for successful exhibitors) for the inaugural exhibition.

Who puts on
the Vitreous Exhibition? The exhibition is run by the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc. The Society is a non-profit organization, run on a voluntary basis by artists for the benefit of artists and those interested in the arts. It is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and was founded in 1938. We also hold other art exhibitions throughout the year. The Society's primary aims include the fostering and promotion of contemporary art, to further the understanding of it, and to encourage and stimulate artists. For membership enquiries, see the CAS website.

Who is CAS Inc?
The Contemporary art Society of Victoria Inc. (CAS Inc.) is an incorporated non-profit art society, run by a committee of practicing visual artists (all volunteers) supporting the Society's aim of promoting contemporary Australian art & artists, with affordable exhibitions. We support both established and emerging artists. CAS is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) by the Australian Tax Office, and is included on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO).

Where is the Vitreous Exhibition being held? Vitreous: Ceramic & Glass, will be held in the Gallery on Herring Island, (Richmond) as part of the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2018. Melbourne. Herring Island is a unique island in the middle of the Yarra River, between Richmond and South Yarra, only 3km from the Melbourne CBD

How do I get to the Gallery on Herring IslandVitreous: Ceramic & Glass, will be held in the Gallery on Herring Island, (Richmond) It is ONLY accessible by boat or punt. It is a large Island in the middle of a river! Parks Victoria runs a PUNT to the island from Como Landing, South Yarra (Melway reference: 58 G2) The punt runs on the days of the exhibition, between 11am and 5pm. Punt fees (return trip) are: $2 per person or $5 per family. Pensioners, unemployed and children under 12 travel free. The island has toilets and barbecue facilities.

How long is 
the Vitreous Exhibition on for? The A4 Art Australia exhibition will be open to the public 11.30am – 4.30pm on the following dates: 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 & 18 February 2018.

How much does it cost to enter the Vitreous Exhibition?
There is no charge or cost to enter this exhibition.

How do I get an entry form?
You can enter online, (our preferred way for you to enter) at the Society's website, or phone us on 03 9428 0568 and leave your name & address, and we'll post a printed copy to you, for you to complete and return the entry form (see conditions in entry form).

When is the entry deadline?
Return completed entry forms, by close of business, 5pm, 26th January 2018 If you had requested a printed entry form, return to: Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc., P.O. Box 283, RICHMOND, Vic 3121. Late entries will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.

How often is the show held? This is the inaugural Vitreous exhibition.

How many artworks can I enter?
Each artist can enter up to 4 artworks (see conditions)

What is the price I should put on my work? This is up to you! The entry price is set by you, remember that a commission of 25% applies to your work if sold. eg: You have an art work for sale for $100.00 the commission payable (at 25%) to CAS is $25.00 Therefore the amount payable to the artist would be $75.00 when it sells. ALL entries MUST be for sale.

Why am I asked to submit an image of my artwork? All artists are REQUIRED to submit ONE image of each artwork entered. The selection committee will select artworks to be exhibited from the submitted images. NO substitution of artworks (differing from image submitted) permitted.

What about G.S.T.? CAS Inc. does not collect G.S.T. All prices must be total selling price. Any G.S.T. Liability between the artist and the A.T.O. Remains the responsibility of the artist.

What type of artworks can I enter?
You can enter either wall hanging (low relief) or 3D artworks.

Can I enter an artwork from an edition? Yes. If you are entering an artwork that is from a multiple edition, Please state the size of the edition, and the number remaining (available) in the edition - e.g: cast glass sculpture, one of five (1/5) four remaining. This is so it is clear to purchasers if the artwork is a “one off” or part of a multiple (edition).

Can I enter a
n artwork made by someone else? No. All works entered must be the original work of the artist entering it.

What about copyright? All works entered must be the original work of the artist entering it. Upon acceptance of entry to the exhibition, the artist agrees to allow CAS the right to photograph all artworks entered for exhibition, for the society's records / and website, and for promotion and publicity purposes.

What are the size restrictions?
There is no size restriction for this exhibition. All submissions will be considered. Note: Artists are responsible for ALL transport of artwork/s to from Herring Island Gallery. As this is an ISLAND you may require a trolley / cart to bring heavy artworks across. Artists to supply their own trolley / cart for transportation.

Who decides where my artwork will be placed in the Gallery? ALL accepted artworks will be placed by the CAS committee. No correspondence will be entered into. All decisions final.

Is there a selection process?
This is an “open call out” exhibition to all artists, and we welcome all artists to enter, however, the C.A.S. Inc. reserves the right to decline to exhibit any work, at any time. Artworks will be selected by images submitted. The C.A.S. Inc. committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

When & where do I deliver my artworks?
All selected artists are to deliver directly to the gallery on Herring Island strictly between within the hours of 9.30am and 10.30am on 2 February 2018. Access is by PUNT from Como landing. Punt will ONLY run for this hour of delivery. Late works NOT accepted.

When & where do I collect my (unsold) artworks? All artists are to collect (unsold works) directly from the gallery on Herring Island strictly between within the hours of 9.30am and 10.30am on 19 February 2018. Access is by PUNT from Como landing. Punt will ONLY run for this hour of delivery.Artworks remaining uncollected after this time will be removed to storage and will incur a $10 late collection fee, (per work) payable before works collected. CAS will not be liable for any works remaining uncollected after 14 days, and they will be removed from storage and disposed of at the discretion of the exhibition committee.

Is there an opening? The official opening will be held at the Gallery on Herring island on Saturday 3 Febuary 2018. The opening will be held from 12noon to 2pm (duration) with the official launch 12.45pm to be opened by Mr. Robert Lee, President of the Contemporary Art society of Victoria Inc. (Other dignitaries to be confirmed) Refreshments will be served. Entrants and their guests are invited to attend.

Can I get some invitations to send to friends?
On the CAS website will be a “downloadable” colour invitation. You can forward it to friends, or print off copies to give out at work, school, put on your local notice board etc. An electronic invitation will be sent to all entrants by email. We encourage all entrants to circulate this invitation, and invite your guests to attend.

Who would see my artwork?
As an exhibitor, your Artwork would be seen by invited guests, previous art purchasers (CAS sends out invitations to all previous art purchasers) tourists and visitors to the island. e-invitations promoting the event will also be widely distributed. We anticipate many visitors to the exhibition!

Is my work photographed? ALL exhibited works will be photographed by the society, and displayed on the dedicated section of the CAS website, at the end of the exhibition. Copyright remains with the artist. This service is included as part of your entry.

Do I have to be a member of CAS?
No, this is an “open call out” exhibition to all artists, and we welcome all artists to enter.

How is
Vitreous: Ceramic & Glass, publicised? We have an extensive e-mail list and information promoting the exhibition will be distributed widely. An email campaign promoting the event is also in place. Posters and flyers will also be sent to a variety of media outlets. Advertisements promoting the exhibition will be placed in Art Almanac and other publications.

Artwork sales?
Our easy-to-identify volunteer sales staff (CAS committee) will be on hand to transact sales during the opening, and the days of the exhibition. Payment can be made by cheque, money order or by credit card. CAS can take Mastercard, Visa and also a range of debit cards. We are able to electronically verify all transactions to ensure payment has been processed. CAS applies a sales commission of 25% on all sold artworks. Purchasers will only be able to receive their purchase when it has been paid for in full. All entrants who have made sales will be posted a cheque by CAS 30 days after the exhibition.

Can I take my artwork out of the show early? No. It is a condition of entry that exhibitors agree for their artwork entry/ies to remain on show for the exhibition duration, early collection will not be permitted. CAS, at its discretion may allow purchasers to collect works during the exhibition, under special circumstances: ie: purchased by an overseas visitor, leaving the country.

Can someone buy a
Artwork after the end of the show? Via the CAS website? CAS will put up images of all exhibited artworks at the end of the exhibition. If we receive a enquiry or request to purchase a work, (this includes international enquiries and sales) we will contact the artist to see if the artwork is still available, if so, and the purchaser wants to proceed with the sale, we will contact you, when payment has been received from purchaser,  The normal commission of 25% (as per entry conditions) applies. Note: Transport of the sold artwork to the purchaser is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Is there a poster/invite available for the show, that I can put up at work?
Yes! On the CAS website will be a “downloadable” invite. Please feel free to print off copies and put up at work, school, your local notice board etc.

Are there any tasks I can help with? We welcome volunteers to assist with the set up of the exhibition, opening, or staffing the sales desk during the exhibition. Please contact our secretary, Cressida on 0407 059 194 or 9428 0568 to assist. We encourage you to participate in the “hands on” parts of running the event. You can also help by telling others that you have your artwork on display in the exhibition! Send out the e-invitation (by email) or print it off and give to friends! The more people who go along and view the exhibition, the greater the chance that they might buy one of your artworks.

Any further questions? Please send us an email via our CONTACT FORM if we have not covered your enquiry here.



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