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Exhibitions at Decoy Café, Melbourne


Complete and submit this form by the deadline for the Decoy Café Exhibition you are entering.

  1. Entry to any of the Contemporary Art Society's EXHIBITIONS at DECOY CAFÉ are open to all artists who are current (paid-up) Members of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria for the duration of the exhibition.
  2. On submission of your entry on this form, you will be sent a confirmatory email summarizing all the details you have provided on this form.
  3. Please read the online entry conditions for this exhibition BEFORE completing and submitting this entry form. Click HERE to view the Decoy Café Exhibition Entry Conditions (do this before you fill in the entry form).
  4. Your payment of entry fees must also be received by the exhibition entry delivery date for the particular Decoy Café Exhibition you are entering. Payment may be made by Direct Deposit (into the CAS bank account), your credit card via PayPal or cash handed to the exhibition co-ordinator on delivery of your artworks. You will be directed to our PAYMENT options page after you submit this form.

Please complete details below. Note: You must enter information fields marked with a red *. When you have entered all the information required press SUBMIT at the end of the form.

Choose ONE of the forthcoming Decoy Café Exhibitons you wish to enter/exhibit your ARTWORKS in from the LIST below. We update this list periodically.

You may enter up to FOUR (4) 2D artworks into a Decoy Café Exhibition using this form, and you are reminded that all artwork submitted on THIS form is intended to be exhibited in the specific show you choose below. However, if, when you enter, that show is fully subscribed*, you will have the option of exhibiting your listed artworks in the next available Decoy Café Exhibition. We will contact you if this is the case. 2D artworks must be a maximum of 100 x 120 cm (in either dimension) including frame (if framed).

* NOTE - We fill our Decoy Shows on a 'first-come-first-served' basis.







Please enter your total entry fees payable into the box on the right.


You will be taken to our PAYMENTS page after you submit this form where you will see more information about how to pay.

* See Decoy Café Exhibitions Entry Conditions HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Type in the numbers & letters you see in the CAPTCHA box below before pressing the SUBMIT button below. (If you need a NEW set of letters and numbers, just click the 'arrow-circle' icon next to the CAPTCHA box.)

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