The new MEMBER PROFILES page on the CAS website replaces the 3 separate pages previously on the CAS website: SPOTLIGHT ON, NEW MEMBERS and WEBLINKS.

We have also created an online FORM to help you, as a CAS Member, submit your profile information - intended to help you publicize your work as artist and also to show your artwork to CAS website visitors.


1. Submission of your Member Profile information and images using this form is purely voluntary, and is intended to publicize you as artist and show your artwork to our website visitors. To that end, the contents of your member profile submission will be visible to anyone who visits the CAS website.

2. You must be a current (paid-up) exhibiting Member of The Society (CAS) to submit Member profile information.

3. You must also have registered an online login (name, username & password) on the CAS website in order to access the MEMBER PROFILE SUBMISSION FORM. Do this first if you have not already done so. If you are not logged-in you will not be able to see the MEMBER PROFILE SUBMISSION menu item under the MEMBERS menu (on the CAS website).

4. Unless you otherwise instruct us, the EMAIL address you give on the Member Profile submission FORM will NOT be listed on your Member Profile page, and it will only be used so the system will be able to send you a CONFIRMATION EMAIL with your FORM DETAILS when you SUBMIT the Profile FORM. On the Member Profile submission form you can give permission to display your email on your profile page.

5. If you provide a website URL (for your own artist-website), we will list it.

6. You may use the UPLOAD Artwork image fields on the FORM to upload 2 photographs of your recent artwork. These images must not exceed 2 megabytes (MB) in size. But make sure any artwork IMAGES you submit are clear and without reflections, especially if the work is mounted under glass.

7. If you do not want to provide artwork images, we will use 2 images of your artwork from recent CAS exhibitions or your CAS Membership application.

8. CAS reserves the right to amend your Profile submission (usually for reasons of clarity), and also to remove your Profile listing should you become an unfinancial Member.

 9. You may review your MEMBER PROFILE each year and submit a new one (or change the old one), but we will only accept new profile information/images once per year (at the time of your Membership renewal). We will correct minor errors at any time).


1. Please first carefully read through the form and prepare your answers or images in advance if necessary.

2. Please be brief - most of the field-boxes below have a word limit of 100 words. Click on the ? icons for more info about what to enter into each field-box.

3. Please try to make sure any artwork IMAGES you submit are large enough, in focus and without reflections (especially if the work is mounted under glass).

4. If you do not want (or are unable) to provide artwork images, we will use 2 images of your artwork from recent CAS exhibitions or your CAS Membership application.

5. We are in the process of 'migrating' images from the former NEW MEMBERS list into the MEMBER PROFILES list. So you might want to first check your EXISTING entry (if there is one) in the NEW MEMBER PROFILE LIST on the CAS website to see if there are suitable images for you already placed there.

6. You can check/change your login details by going to the CHECK YOUR LOGIN menu item under the MEMBERS menu. NOTE: this menu item ONLY shows YOUR own login details (excluding your PASSWORD which is known only to you), and if you if you have NOT registered your login info on the CAS website (or are NOT logged-in) you will just see the log-in prompt.


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