Judy Hawking-Burnett

1. What part of the process of creating art do you like best?
When I am totally immersed in what I am painting or making, in a world of my own.

2. What is your working environment like?
I have a great working environment, I have a studio in my house where I can leave my work in progress set up, while I'm working on it. I work on a table in the middle of the room and have a large sink and bench space and a great cupboard to store paintings.

3. What kind of (formal & informal) art training have you had?
I trained as a primary teacher, with a major in fine arts, where I majored in painting. I then completed a Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts, Education Studies where I also majored in painting and ceramics. I have done several short courses in ceramics, wood turning and mosaics and in 2009, I completed my Advanced  Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery).

4. How has your art training affected the kind of art you produce?
When I first majored in painting, at University, I shifted from traditional painting techniques that I had learnt at high School to focusing on abstract painting. Over the years I have developed a style using palette knives and syringes that I first experimented with at Uni.

5. Name some important influences and inspirations in your art career.
My first painting lecturer, Fred Williams, Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet are all important influences. I draw inspiration from my travels, both overseas and here in Australia through my love for the natural environment.

6. What has been the most difficult thing you have encountered in your work?
keeping up with all the paperwork and handling the business side of being an artist, while raising a young family.

7. Have there been major turning points in your art career?
Major turning points in my art career would be, establishing a website, completing an artist in residency program at the Mulgara Gallery at the Ayers Rock Resort at Uluru and participating in an Austrade program promoting Australian artists..

8. What has been the highlight of your art career?
Exhibiting in the USA and Canada, my artwork being published in The Australian Contemporary Artist Calendar 2008 and 2009 and my first solo exhibition in 1999 are the highlights of my art career so far.

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Snow Daisies at Sunrise, Mt. Kosciuszko,  140 cm X 104 cm, acrylic on canvas, by Judy Hawking-Burnett
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