Stefan Lademann

1. What part of the process of creating art do you like best? I like all the processes of the creating except the end bits.... when i have uncertainty if its finished... or wot!....i even like laying down gesso (fancy that hey!!)

2. What is your working environment like? At the moment its a bit ad hoc... but where ever I find a good space it needs to be accompanied by a stereo device, there's nothing like painting to your favourite music. But I do prefer to work in privacy, that way no one can see my pained expressions or hear my naughty language when I (fuck up.... ha ha only joking.. delete my bad sense of humour please) make an error or spill paint on the carpet. Not good in a rented property. Oil paints and rented properties aren't very friendly.

3. What kind of (formal & informal) art training have you had? Most of my 'training' was from books found in libraries. So I'm very grateful to the Footscray and Moreland libraries for teaching me how to paint.

4. How has your art training affected the kind of art you produce? The library exposed me to a lot of different art, filled my mind full of wonders which now brew deep down in my subconscious and pop up at the most inconvenient of times, a bit like the days at school swimming, when I was called to attention, wearing my speedos.... sort of "No not now..... think of football, think of Ronald Reagan, think of maths homework... don't look at the bikinis!!"...most inconvenient...

5. Name some important influences and inspirations in your art career. I definitely related to the Dada artists of the early 20th century, which led to the Surrealists and some of the philosophies of Andre Breton and Max Ernst. Flemish portraits were quite an influence and the impossible techniques of the Van Eycks...... but this all began with the Impressionists, when I started the journey, I'm very grateful to them for showing me the way! But there are many influences now from all around, I just have to open up my eyes and boing!!

6. What has been the most difficult thing you have encountered in your work? Time and Space, perspective and of course a good idea that will keep me encouraged for at least a couple of months.

7. Have there been major turning points in your art career? Not really, I don't know if I call it a career, its more a 'way of Life'. Although being accepted into CAS  was a turning point in the fact of exhibiting my work and learning about that side of the game...

8. What has been the highlight of your art career? Being accepted into CAS, meeting other amazing artists that were still alive and being exposed to more contemporary artistic ideas. Not forgetting a few amusing committee meeting gatherings, with coffee in polystyrene cups and very nice biscuits to make up for the plastic.

Above: Road to Damascus, Egg tempera and gold leaf on wood by Stefan Lademann

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