Entry Fees for Annual Exhibition 2020

at Steps Gallery, Carlton - PayPal Form


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1. ARTWORKS ENTRY FEE (NOTE: don't use this item if you are only entering ONE artwork and want to claim a Member credit. Use the Member Credit option at item 3 instead)

Add payment for each artwork at $30 per artwork. The quantity box should show a '1' for ONE artwork entered or a '2' for TWO artworks entered. (NOTE: Do NOT put $ amounts in the quantity box.)



All Melbourne metropolitan exhibitors are expected to sit one session of the exhibition, or assist with the set up, opening or take-down of the exhibition. Preferences will be taken into account, but may not be available. If any Melbourne metropolitan artist is unable to assist, a fee of $30 applies.

NOTE: Please press Add to cart once to add your $30 Non-assist fee to your cart.



Those Members who paid their $60 Membership Dues for 2020-21 prior to our announcement of a temporary reduction on Membership Dues to $40 for the 2020-21 year are entitled to a CREDIT of $20 that may be used against entry fees for our Annual Exhibition 2020 or our A4 Art 2021 exhibition at the Herring Island Gallery NOTE: You may only claim this credit ONCE and it will expire after 30 June 2021.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you wish to claim this credit against Annual Exhibition entry fees, please choose ONE DISCOUNTED artwork entry fee (to add to your CART from this item) in place of ONE of your artwork entry fees as above). example: if you are entering 2 artworks, choose ONE full-priced artwork from the above ART-option, and then enter your second artwork entry to be charged at $10 (NOT $30) at this item. IMPORTANT: If you are only entering ONE artwork in total, then just choose ONLY this option, and do NOT enter anything in the top ARTWORK ENTRY FEE cart-item.

NOTE: Please press Add to cart once to add your discounted artwork item to your cart.



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