Artwork Images Submission FORM

1. This form allows artists to upload FIVE (5) artwork images for CAS Membership applications and entering CAS exhibitions.
2. You do NOT need to supply selling price information if you are submitting your images for a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION.
3. If you are submitting your images for one of our CAS art exhibitions, you must enter a selling price for each artwork images submitted.
4. On submission of each BATCH of images you will be sent a confirmatory email.
5. After submitting your artwork image/s you will be returned to this form so you may submit additional images.
6. Please be patient after you submit the form while your images upload (more & larger images require longer upload times).
7. You may also use this form to DESCRIBE up to 5 of your artwork images (as a batch) which must be viewable (and captioned) on your website (if you have one). NOTE: With this option, you do NOT need to upload any image files.



• Your artwork images should be sharp, clear and properly cropped
• Each file should have size range of 1000 to 2000 KB i.e. 1 to 3 MB
• NOTE: Files over 3 MB in size may cause a 'time out' during the upload process resulting in your image files not reaching us.
• Name your image files with your last name, initial, and a sequence number before uploading them
   e.g. smithj-01.jpg, smithj-02.jpg, smithj-03.jpg, etc
• Acceptable file formats are .jpg .png .pdf







1. You will automatically be returned to this page so you can send us additional images. You will receive an email confirming our receipt of each image you submit.

2. Please type in the numbers & letters you see in the box below before pressing the SUBMIT button below.

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