Suzanne Kaldor

1. What part of the process of creating art do you like best? The most interesting part of  creating an art object is the planning, designing  stage. This is the time you dream and let your imagination soar.  The next stage of the process is the mundane part of it which can be often frustrating and force you to be realistic: the costing, and the technical details.

2. What is your working environment like? Chaotic, untidy for others and a junkyard for me my Studio is a rich and lovely area, where I can loose myself.

3. What kind of (formal & informal) art training have you had? Certificate of drafting from the University of Budapest. Ceramic two years at Caulfield Institute of Technology full time Fine Art  Majoring in Sculpture and Printmaking Postgraduate 4 years. full time Graphic Communication at Hawthorn Teachers Training at  Catholic Education Art and R.E. Graduate Dip of many other teaching orientated subjects, as Curriculum design, Exhibition curating  etc. Moderating and trial of VCE Graphic Communication. Textile Printing and design. I love reading, researching, learning. I have a very inquisitive mind.

4. How has your art training affected the kind of art you produce? Because of the variety of my training ( which were due for my curious nature)   gave me an infinite possibility to combine different methods and media.

5. Name some important influences and inspirations in your art career. Overseas travelling books and more books.

6. What has been the most difficult thing you have encountered in your work? Promotion, exposition and doing things too early. Having idea before the general public would accept it.

7. Have there been major turning points in your art career? Yes, when I changed over from Ceramic after 15 years and went to RMIT to learn Sculpture.

8. What has been the highlight of your art career? When I finish something and I am satisfied, this does not  happen too often, I am the strictest critic of my own artwork. Finally what I have noticed, once you are bitten by the creative bug, your life will be channelled into an irreversible track and you cannot help yourself but create.

Art caption: Pomegranate, Cast Aluminium, 30 x 30 x 30 cm by Suzanne Kaldor


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