Prize-winners - Annual Exhibition 2012

Gallery 314, 3 – 16 September 2012

Opening, 2 September

Judge: Keith Looby

Reviewed by Thalia Andrews


It was obvious by the large crowd in attendance, that there were indeed many who were looking forward to studying the numerous and diversified art pieces on display at the Contemporary Art Society Exhibition.

The generous sponsorship of so many companies was very gratifying and certainly provided worthwhile prizes for those fortunate enough to win awards, and the society would like to thank them all sincerely for it. Our sponsors also included Uniting Church Richmond for providing this great venue, and Hocking Stuart Richmond for providing the lovely big signboard outside the gallery, and another in nearby Citizens Park. Without such kind giving, the show would lack much of its allure.

Thank you also to our judge, Keith Looby, who came from Sydney to judge the show. One of Australia’s eminent artists, his accomplishments include awards won in the Archibald Prize, and the Blake Prize for Religious Art. Mr Looby’s comments about the modern art world possibly losing the language of interpreting contemporary art forms was illuminating and thought provoking for all present. Mr Looby’s choices for prize winners was made on those whom he considered used their eyes rather than interpreting the art forms.

Many thanks must be given to the President of the Society, Mr Robert Lee, and his hard working committee for their dedication and selflessness in all matters regarding the successful running of the organisation and, in particular, this Annual Exhibition. The exhibits were displayed superbly thanks to the many hours of hard work by the volunteer “hanging team” (the name itself perhaps conjuring up some possible future artistic masterpiece).

We would like to thank all those who offered their work for this exhibition and congratulate all of the following Award winners for their interesting and stimulating art pieces.

First Prize: this was awarded to Nathan Moshinsky for his painting, Sleeping City, an oil on linen which reflected sadness as expressed in the dark and somber tones.

Prize total, $1,858: Art Series Hotel Group, two night’s accommodation in one of their three Art Series Hotels (The Olsen, The Blackman, or The Cullen); Chroma Australia, Winner’s Choice of oil and acrylic paints; and CAS Inc., Cash Prize of $500.


Each of the prize winners also received: from Art Almanac, one year's subscription to Art Almanac plus a copy of the September 2012 issue; and CAS Inc., one year’s CAS membership, for financial year 2013 to 2014.

Second Prize: this was awarded to Manwel Cassar for Mnajdra, Malta, Neolithic Temple, an oil on canvas, which was a religious and spiritual work of a site of great cultural importance.

Prize total, $975, including: Micador Australia, Winner’s Choice of Micador Australia products; and Winsor & Newton, a set of Artist’s Acrylics.


Third Prize: this was awarded Nathan Moshinsky for Tropical Sunset, another oil on linen, this painting expressing his deep melancholy by use of greys, cool blues and oranges.

Prize total, $700, including: Art Stretchers, Gift Certificate for Art Spectrum paints and art materials.


Fourth Prize: this was awarded to Mary-Lin Litchfield’s oil on linen, Vase With Blue Veil, a still life with an air of mystery and peacefulness.

Prize total, $575, including: Chroma Australia, Winner’s Choice of oil and acrylic paints; Colour Factory, voucher for art photography and digital printing services; and Winsor & Newton, a set of Artist’s Acrylic’s.


Special Prize For Most Innovative Use Of Materials, total $700, including: Faber-Castell, a hamper of Faber-Castell products.

The Marie Dorian Encouragement Award, $300, in memory of former CAS Member Marie Dorian, who sadly passed away this year.

These two awards were won by the same ceramic and mixed media piece, Flight, by Wendy Reiss. This sensitive piece depicts the tragic subject of wildlife destruction caused by fires in the Australian bush. Viewing the work is a challenge because of the texture of the glass enclosing the piece of work behind it.


This CAS Inc. exhibition is a significant one on the art calendar which provides opportunity for artists to display their individual imagination and life experiences in a wide variety of media. An example of this is seen in the artwork by Elizabeth Lea, Mound Springs 1 Cape York Peninsula, and Brigitta Wolfram in her artwork, Transmigration, and also in Cressida’s Fox’s work, Retinal Disturbance. Works depicting life experiences include the sculpture work by Edit Meaklim, called Back From The Brink, and Yvonne Patton’s work, The Traders.


Variation and inventiveness were in abundance. I found them portrayed in works by Carmel Ritchie, The Crazed Lighthouse, and our President Robert Lee’s most amazing piece of sculpture, The Traipsing Shrine, and Janice McCarthy's Bamboozled.


There were also those that made you feel good, and others which clearly displayed pain, which may impact on some for years to come. As depicted in art work by Sarah Friedman, Consuming, showing the impact of bushfires, and also art work by Prue Clements, called A Year After Fire 1. Nevertheless, rebirth will occur, in nature, as, no doubt, this exhibition will appear next year.

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