Annual Exhibition 2013 - Gallery 314

9-22 September 2013: Artist floor-talk - 15 September

Reviewed by Jill M Anderson

Once again, the artists’ floor talk was well attended and an inspirational event. It attracted visitors from far and wide and from all reports they found it well worth the trip.

Visitors were greeted by friendly CAS members and directed to the wine and nibbles before viewing the artworks.

CAS President, Robert Lee, in his usual jovial and relaxed manner, introduced each artist and read out what the judge, George Gittoes, had said about why he chose each artist’s work for the awards.

Eight artists spoke about what inspired and influenced their work and the processes involved in developing their ideas and techniques. The audience, who were invited to ask questions, were mainly interested in knowing what techniques each artist had employed and most of the artists willingly shared their secrets. As a ceramicist, I found this intriguing and educational considering the diversity of painting, drawing and printing media used and the varying surfaces used just amongst the works selected for awards.

The artists who spoke were in this order: Jill Anderson (1st Prize), Theo Petrie (2nd Prize), Robyn Pridham (3rd Prize), Elinor Lowrencev (4th Prize), Dawn Cole (Highly Commended), Rosemary Mangianele (Highly Commended), John Gambardella (Special Prize for unusual application of technique) and Thalia Andrews (Highly Commended).


Mates, mixed media, 89 x 68 cm, by Dawn Cole

I now think I know what Stonehenge paper is fabulous for, thank you Robyn, and textured canvas surfaces, Theo and Thalia. I gained an understanding of the way and Theo's and Rosemary's spontaneous paintings can develop and change totally in their colour, shape and line work while on the creative journey. Dawn Cole’s mixed media work and Elinor’s acrylic and pastel mix were intriguingly beautiful, while John’s fascinating combination of techniques left us all wondering. (Was it digital print, or screen printing, or overpainting? He said that if we couldn't guess it, he wouldn't tell!)


Wednesday Night Portrait, mixed media on Stonehenge, 75 x 95 cm, by Robyn Pridham

The talks lasted nearly an hour, and at 5pm visitors were invited to the Uniting Church adjacent to the gallery to hear a recital by soprano Natsuko Mineghishi and pianist Len Vorster, which from all reports was brilliant and very moving.

Thanks again to the CAS Committee for organising this wonderful event and seeking sponsorship. Thank you sponsors for providing such generous awards and thank you George Gittoes, for your insightful comments and encouragement to all the award winners.


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