Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc.

Australian National Brooch Show 2018


Brooches (artworks) must be received by FRIDAY 22 June 2018


  1. Entry to the Contemporary Art Society's AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL BROOCH SHOW 2018 is open to all artists.
  2. On submission of your entry on this form, you will be sent a confirmatory email summarizing all the details you have provided on this form.
  3. Please read the online entry conditions for this exhibition BEFORE completing and submitting this entry form. Click HERE to view the Australian National Brooch Show Entry Conditions (do this before you fill in the entry form).
  4. Your brooches must be received by the exhibition entry deadline on 22/6/2018.

Please complete details below. Note fields marked with a red * are required. When you have entered all the information required press SUBMIT at the end of the form.







All involved in running this exhibition are volunteers. If you would like to donate a couple of hours of your time, to assist the Committee in the process of hanging and/or take down of the exhibition, or some other small tasks during exhibition, we would be grateful. Just click on the check-box on the right. NOTE: We would contact you in advance to discuss tasks, time and place for your help.


* See Australian National Brooch Show Entry Conditions HERE before SUBMITTING if you need to.

  • For extra security, you must enter the EXACT letters/numbers you see in the CAPTCHA box below (some letters might be CAPITALS and must be entered as such). Optional: Click on the circular arrow button below to get a new set of letters if you can't work out the ones you have been given.
  • Next click SUBMIT button at the end. NOTE: You MUST press the SUBMIT button to enter the exhibition.
  • Once you press the SUBMIT button your form will be sent to us, and you will receive an email confirming the entry information you have submitted.
  • Please don't re-submit this FORM a second time. If you want to change any details - just EMAIL any amendments to us. Thanks.
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