CAS Sunday Lunch at I Spicy Restaurant

80 Victoria St, Richmond

14 January 2018

Review by Joy Elizabeth Lea

The CAS luncheon was held in the pleasant upstairs banquet room which proved to be comfortably cool on a very hot day.

A large group of guests enjoyed convivial company with many discussions concerning CAS events and the art world. True to it’s name, I Spicy provided delicious food for the banquet table.

The entree of curry puffs, spring rolls and fish cakes was accompanied by a complimentary cooling glass of champagne generously provided by CAS. Particularly tasty were the fish cakes.

Our main course was equally delicious, a very spicy Thai beef salad and a green chicken curry. Pad Thai pork and mixed vegetables with cashew nuts were also delicious.

Dessert was very late in arriving as was tea and coffee, but dessert proved to be unusual and delicious. An ice Kajam, consisting of shaved ice with red bean, jack fruit, condensed milk and toddy palm seed, three fruits which most of guests had not eaten before. A delicious and refreshing fruit concoction to counteract our previous spicy courses.

Guests celebrated the birthday of CAS member, Hans van Hoorst, by singing the happy birthday song en masse. It is hoped that Hans enjoyed a very happy birthday luncheon.

Many CAS members enjoyed hearing stories and tales, especially the one about the finding of a fabulous ball gown in the opportunity shop in Cowes on Philip Island whilst on a cruise around Tasmania. We shall have to wait for the Autumn luncheon for a viewing of this fashion item.

The pleasant afternoon concluded by about 4pm, the conversations flowed and much fun was enjoyed. A successful afternoon and I look forward to the next CAS luncheon.

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