Committee of Management

The CAS Inc. is run by an elected Committee of management consisting of a President, Vice-President Secretary, Treasurer and other members. The rules of the Society require elections of office-bearers every two years and any full Member of the CASV Inc. can be nominated for committee in the usual manner. An Annual General Meeting is held to elect office-bearers and cover the usual business of the society. The CAS committee meets monthly.

The CAS Inc. C of M is responsible for the week-to-week running of the Society, planning and co-ordinating exhibitions, organising publicity and so on. Sub-committees are formed to handle specific projects including an Exhibition Committee responsible for selecting works submitted for exhibition at the annual shows. The committee also organises additional volunteer helpers for various vital tasks such as exhibition setup, distribution of exhibition invitations, exhibition publicity, venue research, sponsorships and so on.

We encourage involvement of all CAS members in committee activities and welcomes new nominations when positions on the committee fall vacant.

Current members of the CAS committee of management:

  • Robert Lee - president
  • Susan Gustafson - vice-president
  • Cressida Fox - secretary
  • Fred Fair - treasurer/website & membership admin
  • Thalia Andrews - committee member
  • Karen Foley - committee member
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