CAS Pop-Up Exhibitions

at Carringbush Hotel, 228 Langridge Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Exhibition on show: Wednesday 27th September - Sunday 7th October 2023

Opening Night: Wednesday 27th September: 6pm – 7pm. (Purchase drinks from the bar)


DELIVERY: All works must be delivered between 12.00 noon 12.30pm, Tuesday 26th September

COLLECTION: All works must be collected between 12.00 noon1.00pm on Monday 8th October

1 Only financial full members of the C.A.S. Inc. are eligible to enter works in this exhibition.

2 Each artist may enter up to two works. As space for exhibiting is limited, CAS will give as many members as we can the opportunity to exhibit, and if the number of members entering exceeds the spaces available, CAS will select from The FIRST art work entered, and each selected artist will have one work exhibited, subject to selection. SECOND ARTWORK: To enable as many members the opportunity to exhibit. If we do NOT receive enough entries to fill the spaces allocated, we will offer the SECOND artwork entered to be exhibited, subject to selection. Only 2 dimensional artworks permitted. No sculpture. Entry fee is $10 per artwork (cash only) payable at time of delivery of artwork for exhibition. CAS committee will select from the artworks entered the final artworks to be shown in the exhibition.

3 Works entered in a previous C.A.S. Inc. exhibition will be accepted.

4 SIZE: Maximum size for each artwork: 75cm in height and width. Overall size is to include frame (if applicable) All 2D works must be suitably framed (a stretched canvas is considered framed) & presented ready for hanging with wire and screw-eyes or similar attached securely to back. String, cord or fishing line cannot be accepted. Artworks WITHOUT hanging wire attached will not be exhibited.

5 No artworks are permitted to be removed from the exhibition by the artist (or their agent) prior to the allocated collection date. CAS may allow a purchaser to take an artwork at the time of FULL payment. No replacement / substitution of artworks is permitted by the artist.

6 Work may be in any stable medium, on any subject, and must be the original work of the artist entering it. If work/s are produced as multiples (photographs, prints etc), the edition number and remaining works in that edition available must be recorded on the work and entry form.

7 Entries must be clearly marked on back with the artist's name, address, phone number, title of work, dimensions, price and medium. (e.g: Oil on Canvas)

8 Works MUST be for sale. A 25% commission will be charged on the catalogue price of all sales resulting from the exhibition. SALES: CAS will post a cheque for the sale, to the entrant within 1 month of end of show. Any cheques for sales not cashed within 12 months of issue will be cancelled and no correspondence entered into.

9 C.A.S. Inc. does not collect G.S.T. All prices must be total selling price. Any G.S.T. liability between the artist and the A.T.O. remains the responsibility of the artist.

10 The C.A.S. Inc. exhibition committee reserves the right to select works for exhibition and to decline to exhibit any work. NO storage is available for artworks at the venue. The exhibition committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

11 Acceptance of entries: Artist/s must submit an online entry / form. The co-ordinator will then continue to accept entries until the co-ordinator deems the amount of entries to fill the exhibition has been reached. This can occur at any time. Artists who have been ACCEPTED will receive email notification.

12 Entries close when co-ordinator has deemed the required amount of entries for the selected group show has been reached.

13 DELIVERY: All works must be delivered strictly between 12.00 noon 12.30pm, Tuesday 14th February for delivery, as advised by the co-ordinator. to: Carringbush Hotel, 228 Langridge Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne. An entry will ONLY be considered DELIVERED if it is HANDED to the co-ordinator, and the artist or their agent has SIGNED a delivery list. Works are no to be taken inside the Carringbush Hotel, 228 Langridge Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne. and left, nor are artists to hand any artwork to the staff and ask them to pass on. CAS takes no responsibility for any artworks that are not delivered directly to the co-ordinator. LATE delivery will NOT be accepted, and artist will forfeit entry fee.

14 COLLECTION: All artists are to COLLECT unsold works from Carringbush Hotel, 228 Langridge Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne. Between 12.00 noon1.00pm on Monday 27th February for collection, as advised by the co-ordinator. If artist has SOLD all entered artwork/s, the co-ordinator will advise them the do not need to attend.

15 No works will be received by the society unless free of charge. No payment will be made by the society for freight or any other charge incurred in the delivery and/or return of any work. Insurance costs are the responsibility of the artist.

16  If persons delivering or collecting works are to be other than those named on entry form, the Society must be notified in writing at least 24 hours prior to delivery / collection.

17 Any works not collected by artist/agent at the appointed time will incur a fee of $20 per day per work. The artist/agent must contact the Secretary to arrange collection. (a place and date/time as specified by Secretary) Works not released until payment made. Works remaining uncollected or fees unpaid after 7 days from close of exhibition shall immediately become the property of C.A.S. Inc., and may be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of in such a manner as deemed fit, and thereafter the C.A.S. Inc. shall be under no liability whatever to the artist in respect of any work so destroyed or disposed of.

18 The C.A.S. Inc. will exercise reasonable care with work submitted, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever. Artists must arrange own insurance cover.

19 The C.A.S. Inc. reserves the right to photograph submitted artwork, and/or use image/s as supplied by artist for the society’s records, promoting this and future exhibitions & for catalogue & archival purposes (printed, electronic & web-based).



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