CONDITIONS OF ENTRY - A4 Art Australia 2024

1.    Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Each artist may enter up to four works.

2.    Entry fee is $15 per work. (Financial CAS members receive 3 free entries, see conditions). Entry fee payable by: Cheque, Money order, Credit Card, PayPal or EFT Note: if you have chosen to make a your payment by EFT (Direct Deposit), our Commonwealth Bank details are:

  • Account name: Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc.
  • BSB: 063001
  • Account number: 00931548
  • IMPORTANT: Please enter your name in the transfer DESCRIPTION field and also advise payment has been made by sending us an email.

3.    SIZE: 2 dimensional artworks entered must conform to a maximum size of an A4 sheet. This is 297mm by 210mm. Maximum allowed thickness is 3mm, as this is the maximum thickness we can frame under glass / perspex in the frames provided. 2D artworks entered that exceed these dimensions will be rejected. 3 dimensional artworks entered must conform to a maximum size of an A4 sheet, with ONE side (depth, height or width) being NO longer than the longest side of an A4 Sheet being 297mm. The OTHER TWO SIDES of the sculpture must be NO longer than the shortest side of an A4 Sheet: being 210mm. 3D artworks that exceed these dimensions will be rejected. eg: Maximum size of 297mm x 210mm x 210mm. Entry fees for any OVERSIZE artworks will not be refunded.

4.    Work may be in any stable medium and must be the original work of the artist entering it.

5.    Orientation: Please indicate the top of work by drawing an arrow, on the back of the 2D artwork. Sculptors please put label underneath work.

6.  Entries must be clearly marked on back with the artist's name and title of work, Please include dimensions, price and medium on the entry form.

7. SALES: All works must be for sale. A 25% commission will be apply on all sales related to the exhibition. Cheques for all sold works during exhibition will be posted to entrant within 30 days of end of exhibition. Any cheques issued by us not cashed within 3 months of issue will be cancelled and no correspondence entered into. Requests for “replacement” cheques will incur $15 bank fee.

8. C.A.S. Inc. does not collect G.S.T. All prices must be total selling price. Any G.S.T. liability between the artist and the A.T.O. remains the responsibility of the artist.

9. The selection committee will choose the works for exhibition from the works received. C.A.S. Inc. accepts no responsibility for lost or misplaced material. The C.A.S. Inc. reserves the right to decline to exhibit any work. Unsafe or wet works will be rejected. The committee’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

10. Exhibitors agree for their artworks to remain on show for the exhibition duration, including our online sale period. Early collection will not be permitted. CAS, at its discretion may allow purchasers to collect works during the exhibition. After the end of the physical exhibition, all artworks will be kept by us and available for purchase online until 30th June 2024. Unsold artworks will be returned to artists approximately 2 weeks after this date.

11. ENTRIES CLOSE: All 2D works to be sent by mail (Australia Post) and must be received by close of business, 5pm, on Friday 16 February 2024. Send / EMAIL completed entry forms, entry fee (if applicable) and artwork, to: Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc., P.O. Box 283, Richmond, Vic 3121. Late entries will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.
3D works: see condition 13.

12.RETURN OF UNSOLD WORKS: Unsold (2D) works will be returned by mail to artist (in an Australia Post approved Envelope, supplied by us) at end of ONLINE exhibition for a $10 flat fee, covering return of one to four 2D artworks. Note: no packaging of 2D artwork submitted in will be retained or reused. This fee covers the cost of padded envelope, artwork postage, and Australia Post parcel tracking number, for return of artwork. Artworks will be held by us until 30th June 2024, and will be returned approximately 2 weeks after this date.

13. 3D entries delivery /collection:  
Artists entering 3D artwork may submit entries by Australia Post (no courier deliveries) Artist must ensure sufficient postage is supplied (at time of entry) to cover return of unsold works. We will re-use the packaging in which you submitted your 3D works. Any unused postage will be returned.
Artists entering 3D artwork have the OPTION to personally deliver directly to the gallery (3D only, no 2D) No courier deliveries/pick up accepted. Sculpture delivery to the gallery on Herring Island strictly between 11.00am - 12.00pm or 1.00pm - 3pm on SATURDAY 24 February 2024. Access is by PUNT from Como landing. Late works NOT accepted.
Collecting 3D artwork: Sculptures that are to be personally collected will be available for collection from the CAS Secretary in RICHMOND, NOT from the island. She will contact you to arrange time / date. 3D artworks must be collected within 14 days AFTER end of online exhibition, ending 30th June 2024. 3D works to be collected by 14 July.
Uncollected 3D artworks: 3D Artworks remaining uncollected after this time will be removed to storage (not on the island) and will incur a $10 late collection fee, (per work) payable before works collected. CAS will not be liable for any 3D works remaining uncollected after 14 days, and they will be removed from storage and disposed of as deemed fit & thereafter CAS shall be under no liability whatever to the artist in respect of any work so destroyed or disposed of. 

14. No works will be received by the society unless free of charge. No payment will be made by the Society or mail, freight or any other charge incurred in the delivery and/or return of any selected work.

15.The C.A.S. Inc. will exercise reasonable care with work submitted, but will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever. Insurance is responsibility of artist.

16.The C.A.S. Inc. reserves the right to photograph submitted artwork for promoting this and future exhibitions & for catalogue & archival purposes (printed, electronic & web based).

17. CAS members receive up to 3 (three) entries, at NO cost, but are REQUIRED to assist with ONE session, either sitting, framing, or another task. (Country and Interstate members exempt) CAS members may choose to NOT assist, and pay the $30 non-assist fee.


All 2D works to be mailed to us by Australia Post,  to arrive by deadline of 5pm, Friday 16 February 2024.

Send your artworks to: Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc. PO Box 283, Richmond Vic 3121.


CAS will only return post 2D & 3D artworks where the artist has provided the return postage (see conditions)

Further Questions?

Before you ring or email us, please go to the CAS website: and follow the links to the A4 Art Australia section, and click on: Frequently asked Questions we may have the answer you are looking for!

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