Neda Starac

27 August - 29 October 2013

Richmond Library Space, 415 Church St, Richmond

Expressions and Flowers

Oil paintings, drawings, and sandstone sculptures

Report by Carmel O'Connor

Star by name and star by nature is our latest exhibiting artist Neda Starac from Western Australia. A serial group show exhibiting junkie with over 200 exhibitions done and dusted.

A spotlight of this mid career artist's paintings, sandstone maquette sculptures and drawings is on show at Richmond Library foyer and on the wall at reception. You have until 29 October 2013 to visually bathe in the palette of clear pure colours that make up this jewel of a show.


Shy, oils, 39 x 31 cm, 2013 by Neda Starac

If you like colour as in 'colour wheel' with hints of Grace Cossington-Smith then Neda's show is for you.

Titles with psychological significance, Shy, Narcissus, Wounded Spirit and three others lead us into this artist's display of six curious metaphysical face paintings. As you look at these pictures give yourself time to engage with the artist's ideas and allow Neda to question what you make of these portraits. Do you perceive what the ancient Greek poets knew so well?


Wounded Spirit, 39 x 31 cm, 2013 by Neda Starac

Four small canvas mounted pictures of roses complete the display of paintings. Each of these designs is produced by an analytical, pixillated approach breaking down the images into one centimetre squares of colour that build up the image of a rose as tonal changes become apparent. The treatment resembles a patchwork quilt effect. Again the titles are an important part of the overall effect of the exhibition.


Anniversary, 39 x 31 cm, 2013 by Neda Starac

Neda has the ability to complete each painting to a resolved pictorial whole which shows her commitment to her creative and professional approach, plus her pleasure and experience with the confines of exhibition.

Western Australia and Croatia have both left their mark on this artist's milieu. The five tiny sandstone sculptures smell of Western Australia and include little bits of beads, seeds, buttons, shells and coral in the moulded irregular blocks. Each block shows facial features and decorative elements. They remind me of the late work of Modigliani's sculptured heads of his Cycladic research with a feminine touch.


Sea Object, sandstone, 4 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm, 2013 by Neda Starac

The drawings coincide with the paintings in scale of motif and psychological emphasis with titles Yin and Yang, Fear, Lovers and Senses. It is interesting to see the monotone use of black wax crayon in making these designs. The drawings reveal the artists skill in manipulating ideas and struggling with concepts before any colour is added. I encourage you to see this show.


Lovers, crayons, 42.5 x 25.5 cm, 2013 by Neda Starac


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