Review: Observations.....

by Robert Lee

The Budgeon's display case in the Richmond Library foyer

415 Church Street, Richmond (Melbourne)

15 July - 15 September

Review by Shelley Vincent

The exhibition Observations by Robert Lee is a group of 5 sculptural objects presented in the Budgeon's display case at the Richmond library. Four of the pieces are ceramic with stain and/or paint. The fifth piece, Percy Pocket, is a soft "doll" made of fabric with some mixed media attachments. Each work is accompanied by a piece of prose from the artist. His musings on each work, along with the expressive titles, allow the viewer to enter the artist's world for a moment. But viewers can, of course, develop their own interpretations. So here follows my observations about Observations.

Luggage of Life appeared to be a snail without a typical shell but with various other items on its back. One item was a small clam shell with what seemed to be a pearl inside. It looked lightly burdened and happy, but homeless. Maybe the pearl is the shining light that keeps it going.

I'm a fan of a tea break so it was good to see this celebrated in Tea Break. The creature enjoying a cuppa appeared to be delighting in that "all is right with the world" feeling one has with a really good cup of tea.

The aliens in UFO (in Brunswick St) looked so small and vulnerable that I felt I should stop staring at them in case they had an alien heart attack. Perhaps too many coffees had made them extra jittery.

Personal East West Link made me smile with its cartoon car, tunnel and traffic sign. Then my mind drifted to animated movies and how a lot of the animation is done in Eastern countries for Western movie producers, which is a different sort of East-West link.

Poor old Percy Pocket. Made of worn and faded fabric with his artificial arm held out awkwardly to one side. A part of him but also despised. A better-than-nothing solution but he's not happy with it. Not happy with anything really. Just getting on. Just getting by.

If you are passing by Richmond library 415 Church Street (near Swan Street corner) take a look. The display case is just in the foyer between the 2 sets of doors. Make your own observations.


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