CAS Winter Lunch at the Curry Club Restaurant, Richmond

4 August 2013

The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc., seventy-fifth anniversary celebrations began with a bang as the champagne corks popped and we all got into the mood.

The committee did a wonderful job choosing the venue, organizing an array of gift giving to warm our hearts on this auspicious occasion; a historic occasion that all members were invited to attend.

The crowd gathered in the Curry Club Restaurant, Bridge Road, Richmond to enjoy a delicious buffet banquet lunch on Sunday 4 August 2013. Over thirty members and friends of members plus very important friends of the society all chatting, sometimes all seemed to be talking at once. Many smiles as interesting artists entertained each other.

The success of The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria to my mind would have to be its focus on artists. Artists having freedom to be able to express themselves without constraints. Robert Lee, the President of the society insists that all members be unencumbered by costly exhibition fees and so there is a strong focus on volunteers to be available to do all that is required to maintain the high standard of each show, of which there are over six shows each year. Our web site is very user friendly and worth spending some time browsing all sorts of information.

C.A.S. has at various times come under the scrutiny of art writers such as Felicity St John Moore, John Slater, Christopher Heathcote, Janine Burke and even Bernard Smith with each of these writers focusing on artists being members of this group.

Sadly Michael Reid's book How to buy & sell art, doesn't mention CAS - which makes me question the reasons he wrote his book. Art collectors need to keep an eye on us.

I position CAS at the top of the tree of artist-run-initiatives as it moves ever forward.

A big thank you to Robert Lee, Cressida Fox and the committee for their guidance as we say Happy 75th Anniversary to The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc., all new members welcome.

 - Review written by Carmel O'Connor (CAS member) -

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