Laurie Collins

Art Workshop in Thailand

February 2013

Laurie Collins has recently spent two full on weeks working in Thailand. The trip came about through Pimpisa Tinpalit, last year’s winner of the Jindivick sculpture show, who has connections to several Thai Universities which run workshops where artists from around the world are invited to come and work in the university environs, producing art in a few days which then becomes an exhibition for the following month.

Laurie said it was a fantastic experience, learning about its history and culture, and working along with over 100 Thai and international artists from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, USA, Canada, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia and many other countries.The workshops were held at Poh Chang academy of Fine art in Bangkok, and Naruesan University in Phitsanulok. He will be giving a talk and visual presentation of the experience as part of the Creative Gippsland month of May.

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