Grazia Marin

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1. What part of the process of creating art do you like best?

Once the research and planning are over, the most enjoyable part is the actual mark making, no matter what medium. Creating and executing new art is so wonderful that sometimes, when I haven't time to go to the studio, I feel "art sick". By that I mean I begin to miss it and yearn to make marks as soon as possible.

2. What is your working environment like?

We have just cleaned out my home studio and now it is spacious, clear and full of light. This allows me to have up to 4 students. It also means that can have several works on the go at the one time.

3. What kind of (formal & informal) art training have you had?

I have a Dip Arts (Visual Arts) plus two qualifications in education and training, as well as qualifications in psychology. I have now designed and begun to deliver art classes with a psychological edge.

4. Name some important influences and inspirations in your art career.

Recently, I have been influenced by Bret Whitely, Francis Bacon and the recent exhibition of Gareth Sansom. I am also enchanted by Del Kathryn Barton.

5. List recent exhibitions of your work?

2014: Second Solo. They say I need a fella. Eckersley’s Open Space Gallery. Melbourne.
2016: Third Solo Invited exhibition: Nature’s Flourish. Eurambeen Historic Homestead and Garden.
2017: Fourth Solo April 2017. Mysteries of Religion. Steps Gallery. Melbourne.

6. Describe some highlight/turning points of your art career?

I am very lucky to have Jacquie Stockdale as my mentor. This has been a great help. The most exciting thing that has happened is I have been successful in gaining an Artist in Residence studio with the Brimbank City Council (2018). This means I can become part of an artist group and join in activities with the Council. Working in a home studio is quite isolating and can lack stimulation. Interacting with other artists will be very exciting.

7. Anything to add?

I am now working on an exhibition focussing on The Body. It will consist of paintings of the human form in action, against abstracted backgrounds.

Art Image #1 Caption: Beauty and the Beast

Art Image #2 Caption: Oh, My Lovely Waterlillies


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