CAS Artist Materials Demonstration and Workshop

  Williams Reserve Community Room 

520 Victoria Street, Richmond

Sunday 28 October 2018

Review by Dawn Cole

Over 3 hours Jasco/Winsor & Newton Resident Artist, David Becerra, conducted the hands-on workshop, beginning by introducing himself and using his laptop to show us some of his own works which he had created, using Winsor & Newton materials.

David Becerra at Williams Reserve Community Room

A good number of members were eager to participate and had a wonderful time playing with the various materials available which included: Winsor & Newton brushes (many sizes and types), water colour sticks, water colour markers, tubes of watercolour paints, iridescent medium, and worksheets for people to practice the various techniques. Papers included Arches Aquarelle and Artistico Fabriano.Palettes, water jars, paper towels, all supplied!

David doing presentation on his artworks, techniques and materials used

David's rapt and fascinated audience

The worksheets were good quality watercolour papers, on which to practice the following techniques: shading and colour strength (from masstone to midtone to undertone), colour mixing by painting our own colour wheel (primaries to secondaries to tertiaries etc.) and colour sketch and wash (dry and wet applications using the water colour sticks, and water colour markers.

Audience and art materials

We also created our own artworks using the plain sheets of watercolour papers provided. We were given sample packs to take home of the Arches and Fabriano papers, And Winsor & Newton sample cards with little dobs of dry watercolours.


David further demonstrated materials and techniques on a drawing of a cameo style portrait in a gem studded metallic frame. He used Winsor & Newton black gouache to demonstrate how to create metallic effects, also how to draw and colour in polished ruby red gemstones, and how to develop the glossy effects and deep ruby glow using dark black and red with white highlights.

Our venue was modern and well equipped, easy to access and easy parking nearby: Williams Reserve Community Room, 520 Victoria Street, Richmond.

Williams Reserve Community Room

After the workshop/playtime we went to nearby Victoria Gardens for lunch in their splendid Food Court, where just about all taste are catered for.

All in all everyone was very happy to have had “a play” with Winsor & Newton materials and to have had the wonderful support and enthusiasm from David. The one thing that I took away with me are his words that “You have to love the colours that you put next to each other – they have to gel. They shouldn’t fight with each other or they will never make a good painting!”

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