Edit Meaklim

Richmond Library Space, 415 Church St, Richmond

A Quest with Resin - sculpture and mixed media works

13 December 2011 - 13 February 2012

A Quest with Resin, by Edit Meaklim, is the current exhibition in the glass display cabinet at the entrance of the Richmond Library. This exhibition explores not only the creative use of resin, but also includes 6 artworks, in mixed media, hanging on the wall of the library.

The 6 sculptures are fine examples of works in resin, and there is also an introduction to the process of working with resin, including reference books.

Edit states that her work is inspired by the human form, and she wishes to express not solely an artistic presence, but also her skills as a craftsperson, with a ‘hands on’ approach to materials. In this exhibition Edit has explored the unique qualities of resin, as it changes through polymerisation from liquid to solid. It may be translucent, as in the work Lady Chameleon with the soft, gentle colouring in mauves; or opaque, as in the Green Goddess. With the range of qualities, resin is clearly ideal for small sculptures, with the fine examples of Deep In Reverie (cold cast bronze resin), and Day and Night (plaster and bronze resin). The gentle yellow of sunlight is well captured in the resin figure Sunlover. Day and Night provides the contrast with the use of white plaster and dark bronze resin. Reclining Figure lies comfortably on the surface of cut timber.

Alongside the sculptures, on display there are two examples of the moulds Edit used in her works in resin. One mould is for a bangle, with an example of the finished bangle beside it, plus a mould for a figure - which is in 2 parts.

As well as three reference books - Sculpture Casting, Beginning Sculpture and Resin Jewellery, there is some interesting information about the process of Bronze Cold Casting, as an alternative to the lost wax process used in foundry casting of molten metal.

On the wall in the main library there are six artworks in mixed media. Edit is versatile in her use of media, and has 4 paintings, a pencil drawing (of Judy Davis), and an effective creation in mixed media of small branches on a woven background, with the title Lost In The Woods. The bridge in the work Greensborough is somewhat reminiscent of Monet’s painting, Garden at Giverney. A gentle effect is created with the soft edges and colouring in My Universe, Series 1, and Bower Bird conveys the accumulation of bits and pieces that a bower bird would collect.

Overall, the exhibition A Quest With Resin provides the viewer with a range of artworks that demonstrates Edit’s range of artistic abilities, as well as her skills as a craftsperson; and it is well worth a visit to the Richmond Library to view it.

Reviewed by Rosemary Mangiamele

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