Dawn Cole

Richmond Library Space, 415 Church St, Richmond

Menagerie of Dreams

Paintings in acrylic & ink pen, and drawings in ink pen & water-colour

15 October - 14 December 2012

I visited the Richmond library to see the exhibition of works by Dawn Cale. The mixed media paintings were shown in two separate areas, six colourful abstracts on the interior wall and nine gorgeous little notebook sized works on paper in the foyer showcase.

Dawn has a very distinctive style. She handles the abstract forms with a great deal of skill and her use of colour is subtle and soothing to the eye. The sinuous black lines weave about, producing fantasy images from the living worlds of plants, animals and the landscape. Add to this, the subtle lovely colours and we have works that hold our interest and stir our imagination.



I was spoilt for choice as I viewed the larger works on the interior wall. All six were worth comment and I couldn't decide which one was my favourite. I finally decided that it was Abracadabra, with its lovely soft blues and rosy pinks, and Poetry in Motion with its movement and warmth. It sang with life.



I then moved on to the case in the foyer. I thought these little works on paper were just wonderful. The stars of the show! These exquisite little things were done with such delicacy. They must have required an enormous amount of patience and imagination. They deserve to be beautifully framed and hung as a group. You wonder if I had a favourite here? Quite impossible to choose. They were all equally delightful. The gemlike colours in Glacier Bay Alaska really caught my attention. The graceful lines in Pond Life were just lovely, as were the mysterious patterns of Tropical Rainforest.


A really good example of the fact that lovely stories can be told in very small paintings. A lovely mini exhibition. Well done Dawn!

Review by Yvonne Patton

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