12 miniature ‘building’ tapestries woven in cotton, wool, linen & lurex displayed at the Richmond Library Foyer BUDGEINS CASE  

Exhibition dates:

From 22 JUNE to 19 SEPTEMBER 2017

Exhibition location:

Richmond Library,
415 Church Street, RICHMOND VICTORIA

Tapestry is an ancient art form very rarely seen in the Fine Art context in general terms. This exhibition by CAS member Carmel O’Connor involves two years research to develop forty tinny tapestries representing a small town on the Hamilton Highway called Darlington. Darlington has a Town Hall which is in need of repair. Carmel will donate the sales profit to the Darlington community committee for maintenance items in the hall.

This Exhibition has an educational component. Carmel has placed her visual diary, tapestry workbook and a tiny loom invented by Carmel for the weaving task. Further items of interest are three wooden bobbins and several spools of thread for you to gather knowledge on how to go about making a tapestry. Carmel says ‘the design is the most important part of weaving a tapestry’.

The loom displayed is “warped up” and the final tapestry building design of the Clyde Inn originally of 1842 is in progress. There are also three books Tapestries – Cassell’s Publishing., Raphael’s CARTOONS Catalogue., and a Catalogue of Arthur Boyd’s Tapestries, Newman College, Melbourne University.

The tiny tapestries are not for sale but you can purchase a Giclee print of DARLINGTON Front Doors for 40 x 50 cm unframed $50 by contacting the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria via this website. There is one tapestry for sale.

A Question of Manners, after Rodney Hall by Carmel O'Connor (1994)

NOTE: Visitors may also order hand-made CARDS from the artist. Price for pack of 4 assorted cards, blank in fold and envelope $20.

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