3D Burds, ceramic sculpture 

 by Deirdre Oliver 

The Budgeon's display case - Richmond Library Foyer

415 Church Street, Richmond (Melbourne)

2 May to 31 July 2019

Review by Carmel Ritchie

I walked into the Richmond library not knowing what to expect. “The ‘Burds’ are really good!” I was told. “Go and have a look”. These small, colourful clay creations took me by surprise. There was a splash of patterns, beaks and colours inviting me to more closely investigate each character. As Deidre describes in her overview, she is inspired by people and their peccadilloes.

The costumes and expressions of the little birds delightfully remind me of people I know. She has captured expressions and body language, especially seen in the trio of black suited singing crows titled The Choir. Their beaks and eyes are full of the passion of singing. Narelle wears a flowered hat on the side of her head, showing her modern look. Each bird shape is humanised to evoke a reaction form the viewer.

It is well worth the visit to be so delighted with such a variety of little characters. The problem is how to meet a person that you now automatically relate to one of Deidre’s Burds, and not smile.


Joan, Jo, Margaret and Beverley, ceramic, by Deirdre Oliver


Three Burds at the Races, ceramic, by Deirdre Oliver


The Choir, ceramic, 15 x 12 x 6 cm, by Deirdre Oliver


Narelle, ceramic, 11 x 9 x 6 cm, by Deirdre Oliver


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