The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc. presents ...

  Floral Energy by VIDA RYAN 

  paintings in scrylic, oil and mixed media 

in the Budgeon’s display case, foyer Richmond Library

415 Church Street, Richmond

  29 April to 14 August 2022 

Reporter: Carmel Ritchie

Vida’s five paintings in the Budgeon’s Case at Richmond Library

Vida’s five vibrant paintings entice the viewer to feel the freedom in a garden. She freely paints allowing the colour, line, texture, the paint and other mediums to develop an expressive form of communicating nature abstractly. Vida explains the paintings express a “floral energy that reminds us that they are always with us, in each season, expressing their beauty through form, colour and fragrance.”

Evening Breeze, oil, 50 x 40 cm, by Vida Ryan

This painting reminds me of a warm autumn evening, with the red, orange, brown and yellow leaves fluttering in the breeze. At first glance it looks busy, but with further viewing one sees more constrained details.

Flowers, oil, 30 x 30 cm, by Vida Ryan

The viewer can see the flowers lying like a carpet. I wonder if Vida was outside in a colourful garden when painting this. It is full of life and character.

Impression of Roses, mixed media, 25 x 20 cm, by Vida Ryan

This technique shows strong controlled movements of the paint. Just enough swirls and touches in the paint to create the image of red roses swaying in a breeze, with petals dropping.

Joyous, acrylic, 61 x 51 cm, by Vida Ryan

This painting gives me joy. It is full of colour, shapes and lines. It is vibrant and active. One could almost hear the bees and other insects buzzing over these flowers.

Spirit of Flowers, acrylic, 25 x 20 cm, by Vida Ryan

Here, the artist freely allows colour and pattern to give the illusion of masses of flowers. It is full of energy and paint strokes to add to the detail.

Vida has been exhibiting since 1998, entering a variety of exhibitions, from The Brooch Show, the Decoy Gallery and a solo exhibition at Collingwood Gallery Melbourne. She has been Artist in Residence at Viewbank Primary School (1998) and Parade College (2000 – 2004). Her work shows an individual, creative touch.

It was well worth seeing the small exhibition at Richmond Library in the Budgeon’s Case.

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