The Contemporary Art Society of Victoria Inc. presents ...

  Making Marks by ANITA VAN GROOTVELD 

  water based works influenced by nature 

in the Budgeon’s display case, foyer Richmond Library

415 Church Street, Richmond

  21 February to 14 May 2023 

Reporter: Loretta Krelle

Those fortunate enough in past weeks to view Anita van Grootveld’s works on display in the Budgeons Case at Richmond Library, would undoubtedly still be reminiscing about what a wonderful experience they were privileged to share. Others who missed this opportunity are strongly encouraged to seek out Anita’s works on the Contemporary Art Society’s (CAS) website and spend reflective time being immersed in the delicacy and depth of the works of this very experienced and talented artist. Through the employment of a range of techniques, notably fine light lines, shadowing, shading and colouring, these stand-alone works, which featured in this display, were all quality pieces which effortlessly combined to form a small exhibition of the highest quality. A range of mediums were used by Anita to create these works; such as watercolour, charcoal, graphite and ink.


The Pears, watercolour, 41 x16 cm, by Anita van Grootveld, with display support material


Looking Up, Caulfield Park, charcoal & ink, 50 x 40 cm, by Anita van Grootveld


This display demonstrated how Anita consistently manages to entice the viewer to stop, linger and study the delicacy and definition of her subjects - often the environment or sometimes still life- which she so beautifully captures and transfers to paper. While the works recently displayed in Budgeons Case, offer specific glimpses of particular moments in time, they also give a sense of being part of a bigger whole, as is the case with “Light, Land, Water” and “Mornington Pier”.


Light, Land, Water, watercolour, 45 x 32 cm, by Anita van Grootveld


Mornington Pier, watercolour, 30 x10 cm, by Anita van Grootveld


The ethereal quality which underpins Anita’s work is quietly mesmerizing. “Slices” is a gentle piece which unassumingly makes a strong impact on the viewer. “Rainy Day Window” is another stunning work which, through its deceptive simplicity, highlights how this artist can translate a scene so timelessly. The viewer is held in the moment, looking through the window as the rain gently falls.


Slices (Bush Plant), watercolour, 27 x 27 cm, by Anita van Grootveld


Rainy Day Window, watercolour & water soluble graphite, 41 x 31 cm, by Anita van Grootveld


Cleverly, this sublime aspect of Anita’s work is simultaneously matched with a depth and firmness which is conveyed and seeks expression through darker outlines and shadows in conjunction with the masterful working of light effects, drawing the viewer in further. “Snow On The Furrows” and “Mornington Peninsula” are wonderful examples of this.


Snow on the Furrows, water soluble graphite, 30 x 21cm, by Anita van Grootveld


Case shot - top shelf of display with artist’s painting materials


Anita employs a range of techniques and mediums and in doing so, has created artworks which bring joy and tranquillity to viewers. The display at Richmond Library was wonderful. Thank you to Anita for sharing her stunning artwork and we look forward to seeing more of it in the future.


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