Display by Loretta Krelle

The Budgeon's display case - Richmond Library Foyer

415 Church Street, Richmond (Melbourne)

16 May 2023 to 6 August 2023

Review by Shelley Vincent

Loretta Krelle has an exhibition of 8 works in the Budgeons Case in the foyer of Richmond library.

Some greeting cards, showing reproductions of a variety Loretta’s works, are also on display.

Greeting cards from a range of artworks by artist, print on card

Burning, acrylic on paper, 31 x 40 cm, by Loretta Krelle

In “Burning” the acrylic paint has been thickly applied and layered. The background colours are mainly shades of khaki green and yellow with patches of black and white. This evokes a eucalyptus forest. There are spots of deep shade and areas where the shafts of sunlight shine down to the forest floor. This is overlaid with spontaneous daubs of red showing where sparks have taken hold and are blooming into dangerous flames.


The Big Burn, acrylic on board, 59 x 59 cm, by Loretta Krelle

“The Big Burn” depicts another bushfire - this time at a more advanced stage. Again there are many intriguing layers of acrylic paint. The trees have been reduced to mere black lines as if they are all blackened trunks or just shadowy memories. All has been consumed by fire. There are no leaves and no undergrowth. Here and there are specks of cool blues. Perhaps this is bits of blue sky trying to peek through. Or maybe it is the last bastion of hope that is quickly evaporating away.


All At Sea, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 37 cm, by Loretta Krelle

There is also a great deal of drama in “All At Sea”. The acrylic paint has been applied in a seemingly chaotic manner causing tension throughout this painting of a storm at sea. Huge, heaving waves are boiling over into foaming crests. Sailboat masts are being flung from side to side in the turmoil of the storm. The hull is creaking with each thump of the battering waves and the drag and wrench of the sails and masts. Seagulls are shrieking as they try to find a safe haven. It’s difficult to know which way to turn or how long the tumultuous weather will last. This could be the depiction of an actual storm or it could show an episode of turbulent emotions.

Blue Summer Sky and Flowers, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 37 cm, by Loretta Krelle

On a lighter note “Blue Summer Sky and Flowers” is a dazzling field of many colours. Radiant shades of blue and green skip across the surface of the painting as the sky has fractured into a kaleidoscope. Glittering specks of white lighten the surface like a brief cool breeze. Sparkling shades of pink are scattered sweetly like wild flowers enlivening the air with their fragrance. Overall the effect is of a hot day at the beginning of summer when one is happily stunned by the effects of heat, colour and light. The sort of heat that goes right through to your bones and makes you open all the doors and windows to chase away the last dregs of winter.



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