Janet Cameron

Richmond Library Space 415 Church, Richmond

6 February - 6 April

Janet’s inspiring exhibition of sixteen 2D and 3D works, at Richmond Library, was in two distinct parts or themes: Reflections, and Feminine Curvilinear.

Reflections was a series of nine pastels and acrylics, depicting lake reflections and seascapes; in the artist’s words, “Inspired by nature, sunlight shimmering on water, colours reflected light against dark.”

Of Feminine Curvilinear, a series of six sculptures in Mt. Gambier Limestone, Janet wrote, “Expressive, and while abstract is suggestive of sensual curves, the convex shapes highlights against the shadows in the negative spaces and concave areas.”

Six works from the Reflections series graced the wall. These included a lovely pastel, Wye River (bridge), with the bridge reflecting in the flowing waters. Horse in the Marsh, acrylic on canvas, showed a lighter palette, with the pale dapple grey horse in marshy vegetation. Other works included lakes, rivers and sea scapes to convey the effects of light on water.

In the library foyer display case were three smaller Reflections, and six elegant limestone sculptures, lovingly displayed with green artificial foliage, very fitting as the sculptures were outdoor pieces. The Feminine Curvilinear sculptures were very abstract in form, yet feminine and graceful. Temptress, the tallest lady in the cabinet, stood serenely, with no discernible facial features, and a sweep of long hair at the back.

Çelebreeze had a few more feminine curves, whilst Cubist 1 showed a more angular approach. The Lady, an earlier work, showed more minimalist feminine curves, plus a gestural sweep of the arms. The sculptural works were all nicely balanced with their concaves and and convexes (concurves?), a pleasure to view and review.

Cressida Fox


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